Emerald Won't Authenticate..

Tim Jespersen ( chairman@nugent.net )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 00:10:45 -0600

Can anyone help me with this:

We have emerald up and running just fine as far as I can tell and are
running RadiusNT .60.. If you do a radlogin with a user name that is in
the ODBC database, it reports back as working fine.. But, if you login
through our Max 4000, it says the user name is not found? But, if I log
in to the max as a user that is not in the database, but rather just in
the radius users file, it works fine.. So basically I cannot login
remotely using the ODBC connection, yet radlogin says it works..

Tim Jespersen

P.S. - Someone from iea please contact me at this e-mail address so I
can register emerald..
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