unusual behavior (bug) in Emerald .75

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 15:37:27 -0500

I've noticed this little problem pop up a few times in the past week or two
with Emerald .75:

Simple scenario:
Create a new MBR and PPP service (e.g. "user1") and save both.
Create another new MBR and PPP service (e.g. "user2") and save both.
From the main Emerald searching window, I enter in the last name (or
partial last name) of the most recent MBR added (for "user2" and hit
The First Name, Last Name, etc. appear below, just as they should.
Every once in a while, when I double-click on the "line" containing
the person's name, company, login ("user2"), etc., an error
message pops up saying something like, "the name, 'user1' is
already used." [OK] <-- notice that it mentioned the first of the
two recent service additions and NOT the second...
I click on OK and Emerald closes without any warning.

The strange thing about this is, there are no duplicate accounts, I'm not
selecting an existing user and pressing "Add" or anything else that would
normally be obvioius. I've only noticed this problem in Emerald .75. The
problem seems to have no effect on existing data and does not cause any
actual problems--it's just a periodic annoyance that pops up every once in
a while for no apparent reason.

Josh Hillman