RE: [Emerald] FW: Emerald 4.2.1

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Dale E. Reed Jr. (
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:32:16 -0700

From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
Subject: RE: [Emerald] FW: Emerald 4.2.1
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:32:16 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> Several problems I have noted:
> 1. When voiding an invoice the system does NOT change the "Billed
> Thru" date in the service. You must manually change each and every
> service's "Billed Thru" date after you void invoice... Is this just a
> carry over of the 2.5 Invoices.. i.e. when voiding an invoice that was
> created by 4.x will the dates be properly changed?

As long as the Invoice was the last invoice for the customer, it
will. Yes, it most also be a 4.0 created invoice, as 2.5 didn't
tag Services to line items.
> 2. When does the Service "Status" change from "changed" to
> "Normal"?

It won't unless you have an external system associated with
it that does exporting (ie, file export).

> 3. Why does changing the MBR Default Pay Period not change the
> services pay period?

Because services can have different pay periods than the MBR
in Emerald 4. The Default MBR pay period is just a default
for NEW services and doesn't affect existing services.
> When are the following going to be fixed for 4.2.1?

We are working on a 4.2.2 patch that will address those.


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