RE: [Emerald]

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:04:07 -0700

> Anyone found a Payment Processing Company that integrates well
> with Emerald 4.0 Batching capabilities??
> I'm having troubles finding a company that will allow emerald to
> send them a
> batch file for processing, someone out there I'm sure has done
> this and I'm
> just curious who they used or how they got it to work? I mean if you have
> 10,000 customers all on credit cards, you surely don't want to
> have to worry
> about doing it one by one every month. And I'd personally like
> to stay away
> from using external programs such as ICVerify (its a pain in the anus)
> !plus! Shouldn't or isn't it created for worry-free, no hassle,
> self-running monthly billing? I'd atleast hope so =)

You can get a discounted merchant account through us.
For more information on it, see this URL:

Emerald integrates fully with and includes realtime
single and batch processing. There are no external programs or
batch files to deal with, and our HTTPS connection uses the full
username/password interface to, so you account is
not vulnerable to attacks and it is completely secure.



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