RE: [Emerald] 4.5.2 Feature Request

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:55:22 -0700

> Another thing you can work on Dale, is a way to prevent an
> accidental 'double click' when one sends out an individual Credit
> Card payment. We have a couple of sales personnel who always tap
> twice and if I don't catch it and void the transaction with the
> Merchant, I find myself having to credit back the cards.
> Somehow, Emerald needs to recognize that a card transaction is
> going out twice, often within just seconds of each other.

I think we already beat you to the punch on this one. Does this
sound like what you want:

* Added CC/EFT duplicate transaction detection. If an auto or manual
payment is made from the same account within a configurable length of
time it's marked in the bad transaction list and must be manually
confirmed by an operator. (The 'CC/EFT Dupe payment protection' option
in Global/Accounting section of Emerald Administrator). There is also a
new option in PayPeriods to allow all automatic CC/EFT payments to be
validated by the operator.

> It would also be VERY nice if we were able to 'void' a payment
> entered incorrectly, or when the above happens and a card is
> tapped twice without having to enter an 'adjustment' to void out
> the second payment in the customers payment history. If we were
> able to 'void' an accidental payment, then it wouldn't show up on
> the Daily Payment report as it does now, or on the customers
> Billing Statement.

See my previous post on editing/deleting a payment.



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