RE: [Emerald] Why you should never pay money for emerald support!

Don Woodruff ( (no email) )
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:59:24 -0400

I won't comment on the tech support, but I feel that they hurt
themselves with spotty, incomplete documentation. I will agree with an
earlier comment that the competition is no better, but that is a lously
excuse (also way too Microsoftian for me). A few thousand dollars spent
having comprehensive, thought-out documentation produced (and YES, you
do need a professional to do it) would save tech-support a ton of time,
and leave them free to do actual troubleshooting.

Just my 2 cents. All "constructive" criticism.


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> Subject: RE: [Emerald] Why you should never pay money for emerald
> I must agree that support for the product is not bad.
> I've only used support several times in the initial setup and by email
> found that the company was responsive and willing to help.
> On the other hand this software is a lot more complex and does require
> knowledge of other components that they do not sell. This has to make
> pretty difficult for them.
> I have also gotten quite a bit of information from the web site by
> searching
> through the mailing list archives and if I haven't found my answer
> someone on the mailing list has been able to answer every question
> ever
> asked.
> Matt Branyik

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