[Emerald] Zeroing our database

Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 13:12:36 +1000

Hello All,
We have been using Emerald for a few years and have recently upgraded to =
We have only ever used Emerald as a Radius login server and have not =
billed our clients with this software.
I would like to start using this feature, but we have alot of old =
billing history on our clients.
We have all the billing plans, account details and such that all we need =
to do now is set all accounts to be paid up to the end of August and =
then bill our clients with Emerald from the 1st of Sept for the comming =
How can I make everyone paid up to the end of August and then start a =
regular monthly billing cycle ?

Thank you

Malcolm Joosse
Hotline Support P/L


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