RE: [Emerald] V4.2.1 Email Text Invoices

Ronnie Franklin ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:17:58 -0500

> The manual email is using HTML format and using the
> invoice.rpt. The batch is using einvoice.rpt and is text

That is strange.. When I change the einvoice.rpt and send a manual
invoice (text or HTML), the Emailed invoice follows what my changes
were.. So apparently my 4.2.1 is using einvoice.rpt for sending a manual
text or HTML Invoice...... And I have not configured any default reports
in the admin section.. So they are using whatever Emerald defaults to...

> fixed CPI on the text exporting. Without that, the
> einvoice.rpt export is based on the printer and screen resolution of
the machine
> running your Emerald web server.

My manual HTML Invoices are fine.. So the text format would be fine if I
changed the way the server is setup?

> In your Accounting Operator Group make sure they have change
> permissions on the MBR Acct and MBR Basic object groups. My
> default 4.5 Accounting group has the Reactivate button.
> Remember, unless the account is canceled, the reactivate
> button will not show for that account.

The MBR Acct and MBR Basic groups are Read/Add/Change for Accounting.

The accounts in question have been cancelled.. In fact when there is a
date in the Cancelled Date field on the MBR they also get an error that
states "File access denied on mbr_open_check.ews" in between the HISTORY
and DELETE MBR Buttons... . They can delete the date, and the error
goes away.... And the CANCEL MBR button appears... So something is wrong
with permissions for mbr_open_check.ews and the Activate MBR button...




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