RE: [Emerald] V4.2.1 Email Text Invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:20:52 -0700

> If I select Email Text Invoice for customers, then batch out, WHAT
> report does it use? einvoice.rpt is what 2.5 uses and that is what I
> have modified, but they still get scrambled invoices.... If I manually
> Email a Text or an HTML Invoice, it looks GREAT. And that funcion is
> using einvoice.rpt.

The manual email is using HTML format and using the invoice.rpt. The
batch is using einvoice.rpt and is text mode. One of the other big
updats to Emerald 4.5 is the latest CR report engine and some
additional APIs the latest CR engine has to let us put a fixed CPI
on the text exporting. Without that, the einvoice.rpt export
is based on the printer and screen resolution of the machine running
your Emerald web server.

> Can you provide a full list of fixes in 4.5?

The list of the updates are in the changes.txt file. Its in
the /Emeraldv4/Docs directory on our FTP site.

> Also, the Accounting Group is missing some functions.. Mainly "Activate
> MBR" How can I enable that?

In your Accounting Operator Group make sure they have change
permissions on the MBR Acct and MBR Basic object groups. My
default 4.5 Accounting group has the Reactivate button. Remember,
unless the account is canceled, the reactivate button will not
show for that account.



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