Re: [Emerald] V4.2.1 Email Text Invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 08:06:17 -0700

> I have been working on the einvoice.rpt file for 3 days now, and while I
> had a perfect one for 2.5 I can't seem to get V4 to work properly...
> When I MANUALLY Email an invoice in TEXT format the invoice comes out
> looking great on the other end..

4.2.1 sends manual Emails in HTML rather than text. The upcoming
4.2.2 patch will fix that (actually make them look like below). Also to
you should be sending statements, not invoices, to your customers in
Emerald 4. The Statements in Emerald 4 are equivalent to the invoices in
Emerald 2.5.

> When the you BATCH out invoices it does not.... Everything is jammed
> together and it just not useable...

Because its real "text" and not HTML.

> I can't find a report for the HTML version....

The HTML version uses the same source as the printed one.

> Also, the Text Invoice is sent via HTML.. Not like the 2.5 version where
> it actually was TEXT...

See above. This only occurs for manual sent ones, not batch.



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