RE: [RadiusNT] DNIS data collection with PM3 and AS5200

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Serkan SUBASI (
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:07:38 +0200

From: "Serkan SUBASI" <>
Subject: RE: [RadiusNT] DNIS data collection with PM3 and AS5200
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:07:38 +0200
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do you see NasportDNIS attribute when running Radius -x15 debug mode

Serkan Subasi

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> Subject: [RadiusNT] DNIS data collection with PM3 and AS5200
> Hello,
> We are in the process of setting up an 800 number for roaming access. We
> will be charging for use of this number by the minute, and the 800 number
> will simply point to our existing modem pool. So, we want to collect DNIS
> info in our calls table for tracking and billing purposes. I have added the
> column NASPortDNIS of type varchar(12) to the Calls table and restarted
> RadiusNT in debug mode. The debug output indicates that it is sees the new
> column. However, when calls come in and Radius inserts call records into
> the Calls table, it isn't even attempting to insert anything in the
> NASPortDNIS column.
> Is this a RadiusNT issue, or is it simply ignoring this column because it
> isn't receiving DNIS information from the NAS?
> We are running RadiusNT 3.0.147. We have a mix of terminal servers. Two
> are Cisco AS5200s running IOS 11.3(10)T. The third is a PM3. All of the
> terminal servers are served by channelized T1 circuits. I haven't done
> anything to specifically tell the terminal servers to forward DNIS
> information. Can anyone give some guidance in this area? I know that the
> AS5200 is receiving the DNIS info because the digits appear in the debug
> output. I don't know about the PM3.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Greg White
> Network Administrator
> BCT Online
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