[NTISP] 100,000 plus Websites from IIS 5 !!

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Paul Jacobs (paul@netpacq.com)
Sun, 07 Jan 2001 16:04:21 -0800

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Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 16:04:21 -0800
From: Paul Jacobs <paul@netpacq.com>
Subject: [NTISP] 100,000 plus Websites from IIS 5 !!

IIS 5 moving farther ahead in OS HOSTING wars.... Unix/Linux falls way behind!.

100,000 plus Websites from IIS 5?
Yes! New Tool from Microsoft makes Folders act as Websites!


Microsoft has released a new, free tool (Scalable Hosting Solution or SHS)
that allows ISP's to create more than 100,000 web sites on a single IIS 5
server, ***using only one virtual website***. This many websites has not
been practical to date on IIS due to limitations in size of the metabase.
The technique used is to load a provided ISAPI filter which maps incoming
requests for a website to a particular folder. This permits very rapid
redirection and much expanded scalability since only one web site is used.
To the user, each folder looks and acts exactly like it was it's own
web site. They cannot tell the difference.

There are serious limits, however. SHS websites cannot be used to host ASP
or FrontPage sites - static content only. Nevertheless, this meets the
of many ISP's that have large numbers of very small, low traffic sites.
Logging is handled and there is a provided administrative front end using
HTML to allow mapping of sites. The tool is provided as is, with no
from Microsoft.


Best regards,
Paul Jacobs /Senior Network Eng.
Commerce Service Provider (CSP)
Internet Presence Provider (IPP)
Picture : http://netpacq.com/nis_about.htm


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