[NTISP] mail aliases

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Refaat M. Saadi (refaat@arab.net.sa)
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 16:35:06 +0300

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From: "Refaat M. Saadi" <refaat@arab.net.sa>
Subject: [NTISP] mail aliases
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 16:35:06 +0300

Dear All,

our mail server is running into MCIS 2.0 server group and experiencing weird operations.
I needed to assign separate ADOs for each mail server I add for different domains. Unfortunately, NT is limited to 35 IP addresses to be added for each domain and extra domains will have no chance for additional SMTPs and POPs maped to extra ADOs.

What I did, is creating a general ADO called General and adding ALIAS domains for same. What I noticed is that I cannot assign aliases to different mailboxes names. i.e, sales@company1.com can be assigned to sales@general.com but not to xys@general.com
that means I can only assign mail box name "sales" to one domain and others will not have the chance to do so, or else, the sales messages will be delivered to sales@general.com even if it was addressed to sales@company2.com

Others confirmed that this solution is running at their server but its not in my case.

Have anyone experienced such activities?

Thanks for any help.

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