[NTISP] POP3 Quotas and Message Size policies....

Robb Bryn ( rbryn@cape-fear.net )
Mon, 7 Aug 2000 21:59:28 -0400

We've never resticted our message sizes or put Quotas on our user's POP3
accounts before, we never really felt we needed to until today. Over the
course of 48hrs I've had a few users pound out 100Meg and 150Meg file
attachments, soaking our mailserver and connections.

I was wondering if anyone had a good working average on the common
restrictions placed on message sizes and POP3 Quotas.... What are the
industry averages? I'de feel alot better about what I have to do tommorrow
if I could say..."The industry averages are #### and we are allowing ####"

Robb Bryn

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