Christian Schmit ( cschmit@vo.lu )
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:35:38 +0200

We currently need to build up a new email server
system that integrates with a MS SQL 7 database.

This SQL database needs to centrally handle radius,
email and FTP authentication.

- Radius server will be RadiusNT as we use it for years
without major problems

- FTP server will probably be Serv-U with external

- Mailserver will either become VOPMail or Mailsite ??

As both products are very similar due to their common
origin : University of Edinburgh I think. We are not sure
which one to choose. The price clearly speaks for VOPMAIL.
On the other hand Mailsite now offers clustering which might
get important for us. The system needs to be scalable to handle
10 000 mailboxes from the beginning but with the option to
support over 100 000 mailboxes.

I know Vircom from the good old MajorBBS/Worldgroup days and
they have always had 1st class in support and very good products.
I have had no experience with the company offering Mailsite
until now?

Anyone runnung one of these email systems with over 20 000
mailboxes or more?

Which product should we go with?
All comments are welcome.


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