Re: [NTISP] MMC bug

Refaat M. Saadi ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 00:04:34 +0300

Thanks Dave for your fast reply.
I'm talking about assigning an IP to SMTP & POP server, the IPs are already
assigned to the NIC using network settings in the control panel.
I'm able to ping those addresses. Virtually they are ready but I can't tell
the SMTP for example to use them...!!!!
Any comment?

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> >I have MCIS 2.0 running on Site Server 3 SP2. I'm having a problem when
> adding new POPs or SMTPs through MMC because my server NIC is having more
> than 35 IP addresses and MMC could only show the first 35 IPs and ignore
> others. Now, MS is claiming that I can enter the IP address manually while
> I'm unable to do so. I'm only allowed to select one of the addresses
> in the scroll down menu (the first 35 IPs only).
> Have you ever been into this case and were able to solve it?. Refaat
> ****
> Refaat,
> There won't be a dropdown box with all the IPs you add in the Network
> section of the control panel. Just type in the IP you want and it will
> That is how we all do it. I have 100 IPs on an NT 4 box
> David Payer
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