[NTISP] Looking for NT mailserver

Christian Schmit ( cschmit@vo.lu )
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 19:25:06 +0200


Has anyone tried Dmail server from Netwinsite?
We use their Dnews product since 3 years and
are extremely satisfied with it.

I already looked at VOPMail / Mailsite / I-Mail
but I don't like the user interfaces and the way
they handle multi domain email adresses.
I want to be able to administrate everything over
web without java consoles.

Currently we have some 6000 accounts in our
postoffice server. It seems software.com has
no plans developing a new version of postoffice 3.5.3
on NT so we need to look for another product as user
administration becomes impossible under PostOffice.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


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