[RadiusNT] URGENT: AcctStatusType is not setting to 2 when user disconnects.

sci ( (no email) )
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:56:57 +0500


i have RAD-NT 2.5.175 with NAS of CISCO AS5300
DB on SQL6.5 SP5 on NT40 SP6

i'm having a the following problems:

1. i'm getting AcctStatusType = 1 and 3 when the Start Packet in received.
what does 3 mean?
sometimes i get 1 and sometimes i get 3.... so i have to consider 3 as start

2. when my users get disconnected, their AcctStatusType is left 1 or 3 in DB
(ServerPorts/CallsOnline), mean they have been disconnected form AS, but are
still "hanging" in the DB as online. Now when the same user try again to
login. he just can't.

what could be the causes?
1. Stop packet didnt received?
2. if Stop Packet Received then the AcctStatusType was not 2, it could be 1
or 3?
3. RAD was unable to update the status type in the DB?
4. NAS is not configured properly for RADIUS

any ideas?

+ how do i manage the CLI option?
can i get connecting user's CLI at any stage of authentication and write my
custom SPs or add some code in existing SP to verify it. could it be done in
RAD 3.0? or 2.5?



- sci

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