Re[2]: [RadiusNT] SNMP Concurrency question

Dirk ( )
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:22:17 -0400

Hello Dale,

Friday, September 22, 2000, 12:47:25 PM, you wrote:

DERJ> Another thing you can do is use radusers to create your users file from
DERJ> the
DERJ> ODBC DSN. This might work a little better than trying to use the unix
DERJ> passwd file:


This looks like it has an SQL script to modify a procedure and an executable
with no description of what it does. It has the parameters you can pass to it
- but I can only guess it will build a file from your current user database in
SQL, am I correct in this assumption? And do I need to run that .sql script?

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