Re[2]: [RadiusNT] SNMP Concurrency question

Dirk ( )
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 08:58:09 -0400

Hello RadiusNT people...

We are running RadiusNT ver 2.5.214 against an SQL database. I have read
through the docs (numerous times) and even corresponded with some of the IEA
techs regarding this issue - but it still remains:

Very seldom, we have to take the SQL Database offline (upgrades/backup/etc.)
and I want to have RadiusNT automatically validate our users from the UNIX
passwd file that gets FTP'd from our Unix system every 5 mins. I know the
file is working because two of us are hard-coded into the 'users' file and it
authenticates us using the password="UNIX" setting. However, if I 'pull the
plug' on the SQL server, according to documentation and such, if it times out
doing an SQL lookup, it should revert to using the TEXT files. I have tried
everything and it just WILL NOT validate our users from the DEFAULT profile
setup in the users file and I don't know why.

Can someone please lend a hand? We MUST get this feature to work - it is why
we purchased RadiusNT in the beginning (two years ago) and it's still not


Best regards,


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