[RadiusNT] CallerId Values Not Overwritten in ServerPorts

Graeme Slogrove ( Graeme@na.co.za )
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:22:48 +0200


Picked up a possible bug in RadiusNT 3.0.175 ->

1) Caller dials in with a callerid value set.
2) Serverports is updated with this user, and sets the callerid correctly
3) Caller disconnects
4) Caller dials in but has no callerid value (some exchanges still do not
have callerid, and they can choose to disable the service)
5) Serverports is updated with the new user, but since callerid is empty /
null, the column is not over-written

This causes the callerid row in serverports for the second caller to still
reflect the old callerid value.


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