[RadiusNT] UUNET questions

Edwin Whitesell ( EdwinW@wholesaleisp.net )
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 13:10:56 -0400

We're trying to setup a new realm on UUNET, running RadiusNT v2.5.214 in
ODBC, if you're not familiar with the way they do things, I'll explain a

UUNET uses different servers for testing, than they do for the normal
'everyday' use of the network. They require that a new realm pass through
the testing phase before it will be setup.

We're trying to setup a new realm, and whenever they send the test auth
requests we get the following error debug:

radrecv: Request from host 9927f58e code=1, id=3, length=149
User-Name = "username@abcd.com"
Password = "\365\006>\300\363~"
Authenticate: from UU-TEST - Invalid Password Length
Request from UU-TEST - Malformed Packet
Resp Time: 20 Auth: 12/10 -> 22 Acct: 17/0/0 -> 20

So, we had them try to use our existing realm on the same test servers, and
we get the same error. Yet you can dialup and authenticate fine on the
network. We had no problems with the realm during setup either.

We checked the shared secret, we have the 'Allow Malformed Packets' checked,
we can authenticate the account fine. They mentioned something about
'padding the password', what is that and could it have anything to do with
the problem?

Also we are sending this particular realm to one of our client's RADIUS
server, if that makes any difference. I'll admit that I'm not the most
RADIUS savvy person, so can anyone offer some assistance?


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