Re: [Emerald] Backup Database/Device with SQL 6.5

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Mon, 02 Oct 2000 12:15:10 -0400

One thing that may be happening that happened to us.
When you create your backup routine, you need to make sure initialize=
device is checked. This will overwrite yesterdays info. Otherwise it=
will append every day and your disk will quickly fill up.

We have a primary and backup database and run the following routines every=

Backup primary
Transfer primary to backup
Backup on the backup server

Seems to work great for us.
Our info on the backup is always a max of 24 hours old.


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On 10/2/2000 at 11:04 AM wrote:

>Back when we had Emerald originally set up, IEA created a backup device=
>At a later time I added it to the task scheduler.
>A small problem showed up, It ate all of our disk space.
>Now I am trying to make this right... But what is the right way?
>Do I create a full database backup everyday?
>Do I create a full database backup once a week with a log backup every day
>in between?
>Using SQL 6.5 I have created a backup device called=
>I can make the damn thing make a full database backup everyday... but then
>again, it will fill my drive quickly...
>Is there a way to make it write over backups that are 7 days old?
>How do I need to set the whole thing up where it will make a full database
>backup every Sunday, backup the log Monday thru Saturday, and the write=
>the backups every third week(So I only have 2 weeks of backup stored on=
>Any ideas, suggestions or help would be appreciated.
>Ken Eitenmiller
>Hughes Business Technologies
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