RE: [Emerald] Clearing out history - pointers?

Bob's Lists ( (no email) )
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 01:57:10 +0300

> The only table in Emerald that ever gets that big is the calls table.
> You can use the Emerald admin (db maintenace) to trim your calls table.
> However, you will need some working space in the DB and your tempdb
> to accomplish that.

Well, that seems to be my problem as everything's working except the 'calls
online' and it's the entries into that table that are causing the event
viewer errors.

So, this is more like what I was looking for... sounds like if I expand the
database a little (%age, approximately?) then run the maintenance it'll
shrink it a bit for me?

I'm not at the Emerald server right now so off the top of my head - I am
sure I've seen the db maintenance routines in the menu, but don't recall
ever seeing any parameters where I can tell it how much to trim? e.g. I'm
assuming I could tell it 'trim everything from the calls table more than 6
months old' if I knew what I was doing, or if there was such a selectable
option on a menu somewhere...

Is that the sort of thing I'd have to use SQL itself and write a query to do
it? Or maybe I should open the calls table in access, sort it by date, and
delete the records I don't want?



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