Re: [Emerald] Case Sensitive Passwords

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:41:25 -0700

NCKCN wrote:
> Didn't receive any answers from the Radius Listserv, so here goes...
> Have Radius NT version and have the "Ignore Case" set on Radadmn.
> This allows case insensitivity on both username and password. I thought
> there was a Registry setting to change it so that the username is case
> insensitive, but the password is case sensitive. I though it was to set this
> to level "3". If so, what's wrong? It doesn't work. If not, what is the
> setting.

IgnoreCase (registry setting) has three settings:

1: Ignore case on Username
2: Ignore Case on password
3: Ignore case on both

When you check Ignore Case in the admin, it sets the registry to 3.
As a side note, ignore case does not apply to CHAP or external (NT/UNIX)


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