Re: [Emerald] batch error/problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 07 Sep 2000 10:12:34 -0700

Stephen Woodfin wrote:
> We are having the same problem. It seems to happen only on accounts that
> have a charge or credit created for them. It would be nice to find out what
> is causing this. Other then every one it stops on having a credit or
> charge created in the account I cannot find another similarity as to why it
> is stopping.

There is a known problem in 337 where Emerald can block itself when
creating a batch invoice for two or more customers, and the second
or later one has an unapplied charge on it. The workaround is to
use a previous version of Emerald until the next update is released.

> To fix it so that you can bill, go to the master account that it stops on
> after exiting Emerald and invoice next term manually and it seems to work
> fine.

If you process the account by itself, the blocking situation will not


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