RE: [Emerald] batch error/problems

Stephen Woodfin ( )
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 11:01:03 -0400

The problem with that explanation is our check/cash customer batching
(renewal) is stalling on certain accounts too. Although on some of these
there was credit card information still stored in the database but not being
used since the pay method was renewal.

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Subject: Re: [Emerald] batch error/problems

We ran into a problem similar to this also. If I remember correctly, the
problem was a mal-formatted credit card number in the MasterAccounts table.
I think the credit card number contained a carriage return, then two digits
after it (someone messed up when entering in the number). In another case,
there may have been something weird with the formatting of the expiration

After fixing these anomolies, everything was fine.
I try to "enforce" credit card number be entered in with nothing but the
numbers and the expiration date in the form MMYY with nothing else. I even
wrote a script that runs nightly that fixes credit card expiration date
formatting to force it to MMYY if it was entered in like MM/YY, MYY, M/YY.


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> We are having the same problem. It seems to happen only on accounts that
> have a charge or credit created for them. It would be nice to find out
> is causing this. Other then every one it stops on having a credit or
> charge created in the account I cannot find another similarity as to why
> is stopping.
> To fix it so that you can bill, go to the master account that it stops on
> after exiting Emerald and invoice next term manually and it seems to work
> fine.
> This has become a real problem for us too, as billing is now taking
> hours to complete.
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> Subject: [Emerald] batch error/problems
> I have a new problem...
> Running Emerald 2.5.337
> Batch
> Credit Card
> 08/29/2000
> -Create
> Invoice 8 services - OK
> Writing 2 of 8 (1454)
> IT freezes there... How do I hunt this down? can i do some sort of query
> (1454) to find the master account?
> I really need to bill...
> Thanks,
> Ken
> Stephen Woodfin
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