[Emerald] Daily New Users report on webpage

Jason Roblyer ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 13:56:58 -0500

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I made this up the other day and thought that maybe some other people would
have a use for it. It's just a Cold Fusion page that takes a date range
from a form and kicks out info like the Daily New Users report in Emerald.
I added the phone number field. We're using this for our sales guy to make
follow up calls to our new users a week or so after they sign up, an easy
way for him to get the info off a webpage.

It was quick and dirty but it works. I attached the web form I have for it.
Just copy and paste the following code into a file called dailynewusers.cfm
and save it and the webpage to the same directory and you should be able to
work it. You have to have Cold Fusion installed and have a DSN entry to
your Emerald Database.
Email questions directly to me.

Jason Roblyer

<!-- Daily New Users Page -->
Daily New Users SELECT AccountType, FirstName, Login, LastName, Operator, PhoneHome,SignDate FROM SubAccounts WHERE SignDate >= '#Form.StartDate#' and SignDate <= '#Form.EndDate#' ORDER BY SignDate

New users from #Form.StartDate# to #Form.EndDate#

Sign-Up DateDial Up PlanFirst NameLastNameUsernameSigned Up ByPhone Number

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5.0::19980907::extensions to HTML 4.0//EN" "hmpro5.dtd">
=20NCTC Daily New Users Form=20

Daily New Users Form

Start Date
End Date