[Emerald] Sales Person field in Emerald

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 21:46:53 -0400


In Emerald, can a new field be added to SubAccounts called "SalesPerson"?
By default it should adopt the MBR's SalesPerson value when a new service is
created (like it does with the phone numbers). It should be nullable. It
should operate just as the MBR field does (selection list with an option to
be left blank or type in something manually).

The MasterAccounts.SalesPerson field is pretty handy for tracking and
commissions for our sales people, but it needs to be associated with
services and not just the MBR.

If a Sales person gets someone to sign up for domain hosting one day, then
that person calls up support (not sales) and adds a bunch more services down
the road sometime, that original sales person should not be getting credit
for those new services that he/she did not sell or have anything to do with.
Also, if an existing account has been around for a while and a sales person
contacts them and sells them on some new service, they should get
commissions based on the new services, but not the original ones.

Having the SalesPerson field be in SubAccounts (at least in addition to
MasterAccounts.SalesPerson) will make the tracking of this sort of thing
much more accurate for statistical purposes as well as the distribution of
any commissions.


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