RE: [Emerald] Billing Issues

Ken Eitenmiller ( )
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:27:46 -0500

When is this new software (i believe v2.5.337) going to be released?
I really need to be able to create invoices for tax exempt customers?
AND do my batch billing for the month... (Due the 15th of the month)

....I have made a "ticket" with support, and eric is suposed to email me the
software when it is done...

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Ken Eitenmiller wrote:
> I have issues with this...
> Not all of my master accounts are taxable...

An update to correct this problem is in QA right now. Hopefully
it will be available RSN. If you don't have an open case with
support on this, please do so. That way you can be notified when
the update is available.


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