Re: [Emerald] Repost: Proxy Radius Help!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 09:25:04 -0700

Beachlink Administrator wrote:
> Trimname was set to "1". I changed it to 3 and restarted RADIUS. I still get
> the same results.
> RADIUS is not trying to even reach the remote server... it's attempting to
> authenticate locally.
> BTW, the RADIUSNT version I'm using is 2.5.206

You might update to a later RadiusNT. 2.5.206 is 7+ months old, and
have been some updates to the Accounting proxy.

> What am I missing? Is there something else I can check. The client is
> growing impatient.

You should open up a support ticket on this. If its a configuration
issue, then can hop onto your machine and check it out. It looks
like the config is OK from what you've shown, but without actually
looking at the machine, its probably not a quick resolve.


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