[Emerald] Billing Cycle enquiry

Ray Budavari ( ray.budavari@asiaonline.net )
Sat, 15 Jul 2000 23:38:48 +1000

Hello All,

Rather soon I am going to have to integrate our billing system with that
of another ISP. We use the standard Emerald anniversary billing in
advance system and the system I am adding into emerald bill their
customers on the first of every month for the month that just passed.

Im not using the auto-batch feature, but rather I am setting the date
two weeks into the future then batching (or batching to the end of the month
extending). So im not too sure how the different billing cycles will come
effect (the documentation says they only do when using auto batch).

At the end of the day is it feasable enough to use a billed thru date
from the first of the month (as in all customers of this group have a billed

thru of the 1st of last month).
Any exp date issues that would arise could be resolved with a perm extension

for this particular billing group only.

I realise this is a very simplistic approach and in no way elegant,
therefore I
thought it might be best if anyone has better suggestions (or even reasons
why my method wouldnt work at all !)
Im on a limited time frame here , that is why an elegant solution isnt
high on the list of priorities, any direction would be appreciated.


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