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PowerNet ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 13:55:02 -0400

How could I modify this same script so that it pulled the inactive accounts=
in the past 30 or 60 days?

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On 7/12/2000 at 10:05 AM Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

>> I have more mailboxes in mailsite than this script says is active
>> because some are disabled.
>> I want to see the mailboxes that exist, but are not active so
>> that I can delete them.
>> How would I modify this script to do such a thing?
>Try this:
>> Select EMail=3DISNULL(Email, Login + '@' + d.MailDomain),
>> FullName=3Dconvert(varchar,sa.FirstName + ' ' + sa.LastName)
>> From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa, Groups g, Domains d,=
>> Where ma.CustomerID =3D sa.CustomerID
>> AND (ma.Active=3D0 OR sa.Active=3D0)
>> AND g.DomainID =3D d.DomainID
>> AND ma.GroupID =3D g.GroupID
>> AND at1.AccountType =3D sa.AccountType
>> AND at1.ExternalSystemID =3D x
>where is the ESID configured in Mailsite. It will prevent service
>types not associated with MailSite to be excluded (smaller list).
>> Also, after running this script, I see the username and domain,
>> but occasionally through the list I get an without a user.
>> Any ideas?
>This is because you have users w/out a login. You can either
>exclude those (AND Login is not null) or use ISNULL() to
>pull the email in.
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