RE: [Emerald] Emerald & Mailsite Lists

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 10:05:45 -0700

> I have more mailboxes in mailsite than this script says is active
> because some are disabled.
> I want to see the mailboxes that exist, but are not active so
> that I can delete them.
> How would I modify this script to do such a thing?

Try this:

> Select EMail=ISNULL(Email, Login + '@' + d.MailDomain),
> FullName=convert(varchar,sa.FirstName + ' ' + sa.LastName)
> From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa, Groups g, Domains d, AccountTypes
> Where ma.CustomerID = sa.CustomerID
> AND (ma.Active=0 OR sa.Active=0)
> AND g.DomainID = d.DomainID
> AND ma.GroupID = g.GroupID
> AND at1.AccountType = sa.AccountType
> AND at1.ExternalSystemID = x

where is the ESID configured in Mailsite. It will prevent service
types not associated with MailSite to be excluded (smaller list).

> Also, after running this script, I see the username and domain,
> but occasionally through the list I get an without a user.
> Any ideas?

This is because you have users w/out a login. You can either
exclude those (AND Login is not null) or use ISNULL() to
pull the email in.

Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
IEA Software, Inc.

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