Re: [Emerald] AcctTerminateCause

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 09:37:37 -0400

From: <>
> Hi, can someone point me to 'human readable' form the AcctTerminateCause.
> web reports simply state '1' or '2' or '17'
> is there a translation somewhere?

RFC-2139 (RADIUS Accounting) has the translations for what's in RFC-2138


49 for Acct-Terminate-Cause




The Value field is four octets, containing an integer specifying
the cause of session termination, as follows:

1 User Request
2 Lost Carrier
3 Lost Service
4 Idle Timeout
5 Session Timeout
6 Admin Reset
7 Admin Reboot
8 Port Error
9 NAS Error
10 NAS Request
11 NAS Reboot
12 Port Unneeded
13 Port Preempted
14 Port Suspended
15 Service Unavailable
16 Callback
17 User Error
18 Host Request

The termination causes are as follows:

User Request User requested termination of service, for
example with LCP Terminate or by logging out.

Lost Carrier DCD was dropped on the port.

Lost Service Service can no longer be provided; for
example, user's connection to a host was

Idle Timeout Idle timer expired.

Session Timeout Maximum session length timer expired.

Admin Reset Administrator reset the port or session.

Admin Reboot Administrator is ending service on the NAS,
for example prior to rebooting the NAS.

Port Error NAS detected an error on the port which
required ending the session.

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