RE: [Emerald] 2.5.333/334

Ronnie Franklin ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 Jun 2000 14:10:33 -0500

Yes, it is filling in the shell minus the first letter.. I personally think
the order should be Email, Login@default and NEVER shell@default since not
many ISPs even offer shell accounts.

How about changing this, or providing an option to change the order.... I
have found multiple email accounts that were setup incorrectly due to this
"feature"... I don't use the shell feature and have told my employees to NOT
use caps but then they are only human and do make mistakes.

> > Also.. Bug or Feature?
> > ===================
> > This has been around for some time, just keep forgetting to mention it!!
> >
> > When you are creating an account and the first letter is a
> Captial letter
> > AND you leave the email field blank, the Post.Office external
> creates the
> > Email account minus the first letter....
> But its filling in the shell field with the rest minus the first letter?
> That was a legacy "feature". For any email/account, the oreder of
> precedence is:
> email
> shell @ default domain
> login @ default domain
> Therefore, if the shell is not blank, it will be used over the login.
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