[Emerald] Billing questions.

Scottie Arnett ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 Jun 2000 11:52:34 -0500

Hi List,

I am wanting to bill my customers on a first of the month basis. For some
reason I must not have everything set correctly.

Emerald pro-rates the accounts fine. It wants to pro-rate them until the
26th of the month though. What I would like for it to do is:

1. Bill the customer 12 days before the end of the month.
2. Not let the account expire until the end of the month.

Any suggestions on how I set the settings to make this work correctly?

On a related note...When I print a customer's receipt that has just signed
up, it prints "The following account will expire on 6/14/00" which is the
same day I signed the customer up. Is there a way I can have this to be
printed as 6/24/00 or 10 days from the signup date?

I basically want to give the existing customer 12 days before expiration to
allow for snail mail to get there and back, and allow a new customer 10 days
to allow for snail mail.....

Scottie Arnett

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