Re: [NTISP] ASP pages not working in NT4

Danny ( )
Sat, 13 May 2000 18:26:28 +1000

I am running FreeBSD at home with KDE as my Desktop so from memory
In the IIS4 manager you have the option of
- somedomain1
- somedomain 2
- someftp2
on the left hand side. If you "right click" on web you goto properties then
should have a radio button for executeable. I believe in IIS 4, CFm sites you
need to make sure "exectutable" is selected or it won't work.

Then your ASP sites should work Note again that I am doing this from memory and
the answer is not 100% prefect

Looking foward to your feedback.


On Fri, 12 May 2000, Scottie Arnett wrote:
> Hello,
> Maybe someone on the list can help me. I am running IIS4 on NT4 (sp6a). For
> some reason my ASP pages will no longer work and neither does my web
> IISADMIN. I looked on MS website and tried uninstalling and reinstalling
> IIS4 and Active Server pages, but it still will not work. I have checked the
> permissions and script is enabled and Ip is allowed. Any ideas or
> suggestions?
> TIA,
> Scottie
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