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Kevin Coveney ( (no email) )
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 09:28:52 -0400

There are several things you need to consider:
1. distance from current office to new office (for distance related charges
on leased lines)and are they in the same telco lata or central office, or
do you have line-of-site to consider a wireless link.
2. the amount of usage(time) from the remote office to the main office vs
remote office to the net.
3. the type and amount of traffic that will be sent between offices.
4. can you offset the cost a leased line between office by using some of
the bandwidth for voice communications.

depending on the answers you may be able to consider:

a. leased lines between offices via:
t1/fractional t1
frame relay via local or long distances carrier
b. wireless data links for line-of-site apps
c. bandwidth on demand services like ISDN BRI/PRI or POTS (regular) lines
d. VPN solutions via dedicated Internet links at both offices.
e. or possibly satellite link where latency is not a concern.

otherwise you basic idea is sound just need to cost justify. we've done this
before for clients who needed to link offices and provide Internet
to each.


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> Subject: [NTISP] Remote office connectivity
> My company's main location has our router and T-1 to the net. We
> are going
> to open another office and need both connectivity to the net and remote
> access to the servers at the main location. Instead of
> purchasing a line to
> a provider I want to connect a point to point T-1 to the main location
> (probably fractional). What is the best way (taking cost into
> consideration) of connecting the remote site to the main site and
> using the
> internet connection of the main site from the remote?
> IN a basic diagram it would be like:
> Internet---CSU---Router---Main Network---???---Leased Line---???---Remote
> Network
> Thanks in advance for any ideas.
> Regards,
> Howie
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