[NTISP] 100Mbit slowdown problem

Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 15:45:01 +1100

Hello List,
We have a client that has grown from 5 staff to 50 in 1 year.
They were having network slowdown problems so we put in a 3Com 100Mbit card
in the server and a 10/100Mbit Switch. This made a huge difference to the
speed of the entire network. The problem now is that they have 3 CAD PC's
that were on 10Mbit and they thought that it would be good to put 100Mbit
cards in them. So we did and plugged them straight into the switch. They
tested by saving a 1Mb file, it took 5sec on 10Mbit but 30sec on 100Mbit. I
thought that the problem may be the CAT5 cabling but we got a shielded CAT5
cable and ran it directly from the PC to the switch, but it made no
difference. I thought that the server cable may be the problem so we ran
another shielded cable from the server to the switch but no change.

The problem I have is that the client wants to have a fast network but
nothing we change seems to make it any faster.
Any ideas as to why the files take longer to save at 100 than at 10 ?


Malcolm Joosse
Hotline Support Pty. Ltd.

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