Re: [NTISP] Backup software
9 Mar 2000 11:05:12 -0800

That is set up, however a standby backup allows me to restore files
that are accidently deleted. If a file is accidently deleted by a
client, with mirroring both drives are immediately affected and
I'm back to tape.

On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Greg Hastings wrote:
> If your running NT Server, just set up the new drive to mirror the drive you
> want to backup. Everything is duplicated in real time. If either drive
> fails, the other is immediately available to take over.
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> From: <>
> > I'm looking for something that I can use to back up a box onto an
> > extra hard drive on the same system. I prefer to have both tape
> > and online backups (the restores are sooooo much easier and drive
> > prices are fairly low). Can anyone suggest inexpensive software
> > that will back up directly to another drive? Thanks, Dan

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