Re: [NTISP] newbie setting up ISP on NT4 Server

David Payer ( (no email) )
Fri, 3 Mar 2000 20:01:41 -0600

Scott, I am curious, just what have you read before you started this project?
Did any of it prepare you for the task at hand?

David Payer

Hi list,

I am setting up an ISP on NT Server 4. I am using 2 servers on my system
because of budget at this time. I would like some input from the experienced
on how to set the software up on the two systems. I know I need the primary
and secondary DNS servers on seperate systems. What suggestions do you have as
far as setting up radius, mail, web server, ftp, etc... on each server. For
example, should I put web sever on with the primary DNS server or secondary,

Any suggestions on what software to use for each purpose?

Also, any resources on the web that I might try to help out with setting this
up would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Newbie,

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