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Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:22:45 -0800

As usual... they completely hide the price. Can you provide any insight to this ?


At 03:57 PM 2/23/2000 -0300, you wrote:
>Try NPLEX Global from Critical Path.
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>I'm using it and it's the fastest solution I've ever seen.
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>Subject: [NTISP] ISP class Mail Server
> Hello all,
> We are looking to upgrade our mail server from an older version of MCIS
>for security issues (spam relays) as well as the need for web mail and
>better web administration.
> My concern is transferring the users from MCIS to which ever mail server
>we select, because MCIS uses the NT user manager for user names and
>passwords. Could anyone suggest a good mail server or a solution that we
>could implement so we could avoid putting all the man hours into entering
>thousands of individual accounts and routing tables?
> We are currently looking at Seattle Labs, NT Mail and Imail but would
>certainly be open to any suggestions you may have.
> Thanks in advance,
>Gabriel Sponsler
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>ph: 831-648-8111
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