[NTISP] NT Apache Query

Danny ( dannyh@idx.com.au )
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 20:46:22 +1100


- my boss requested I install Apache on NT.
- i have a query regarding NT Apache

1)Should I install Apasche_1_3_9.exe or should I install apache-1.3.6.exe?

Looking forward to your feedback.

At 09:38 6/01/00 -0800, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
>wilson@dagupan.com wrote:
>> Dear Sir
>> I am currently evaluating Radius NT 3.0, specifically, I quote from page 84
>> of your manual:
>> "..it also includes the ability to have connections to multiple databases,
>> similar to a replication or cluster scenario..."
>> my question is, how is this done? there are no apparent options I could
>> enable to take advantage of this feature. I have setup a 2 server with
>> replication running on my sql7.0. I would like the radius nt to be able to
>> access from either or both of the servers. This should provide me with
>> tolerance!
>Define an ODBC DSN for each server. Then in the RadiusNT admin,
>add each on, in the order/preference you want. Its also legal
>to add the same DSN multiple times, to tell RadiusNT how many
>connections to each DSN it can have.
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