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Fri, 19 Nov 1999 08:30:00 -0500

I got it running last night and so far so good. It seems to work well
but today will be a real test. It's fairly configurable as an SMTP
engine but not nearly as much as something like sendmail. The virus
checking scans all file attachments and use ther standard virus scanning
engine. Thus simply downloading the .DAT and Superdat files is all that
is required for upgrades. I'll let you know if I ever get a proce
before the 30 day demo expires.


n>I definitely look forward to your feedback, and pricing. Yea, they
n>did the human call ting to me, and I wasn't in !! So much for getting
n>the price to me. What are they thinking of...

n>Maybe it is so expensive it takes a human voice to soothe the shocked
n>ISP when he/she hears the price!! :)


n>At 08:15 AM 11/17/1999 -0500, you wrote:

n>>Agreed. NAI's website is one of the worst on the web for major
n>>companies. It's way too cluttered and chuck the damn ads. I finally
n>>was able to download a demo copy after not being able to download it
n>>all weekend due to them having problems between them and Qwest which
n>would >kill every FTP about half way through. I still don't know the
n>pricing >though because they make a human call you to give you the
n>pricing. It's >fine by me if they are willing to negotiate. I think
n>some folks think >ISPs are bottomless money supplies. Anyway, I will
n>be testing it today >and routing one of our domain's mail through it.
n>I'll post back the >results.
n>>N>No pricing on their site... I hate that. -Ric

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