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Tom Pipes ( )
Mon, 22 May 2000 13:30:03 -0500

Yes, I have a lot of ADT's which are in the 300k range. They seem to be
quite frequent also. Would this be an SQL server issue then? This would
explain all of my timeouts also.

At 12:09 PM 5/21/00 -0700, you wrote:
>"" wrote:
>> I am running RadiusNT 2.5 build 209. Beginning approximately January, our
>> calls log has had LOTS of erroneous overlaping entries. I've seen these
>> entries come from multiple NAS's (Total Controls and PM3's), so I am not
>> sure where to start. Here is an example:
>> Calldate FramedIP NasIdentifier
>> AcctSessionTime
>> Mar 31 2000 5:46AM 6129
>> Mar 31 2000 5:47AM 6129
>> Mar 31 2000 5:48AM 6129
>> Mar 31 2000 5:49AM 6129
>> Sometimes these go on for several pages of print. As you can see, the
>> AcctSessionTimes and the call dates do not add up.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>Are you taking into account Acct-Delay-Time? For example, you might
>get a whole bunch of records dumped because of a network or DB
>issue, with similiar time stamps. If you don't take ADT into
>consideration, you don't know the true time.
>As a side note, this only applies to RadiusNT 2.5. RadiusNT/X 3.0
>will automatically adjust the CallDate w/respect to ADT before
>putting it into the Database.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT/X
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