[Announce] RadiusX for Solaris (Sparc) Open Beta.

IEA Software, Inc. Beta Team ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 14:51:24 -0700


Would you like to participate in our Beta Program? IEA Software's new
Beta Program is designed to meet the needs of our customers and partners
around the world. By joining our Beta Program you will gain access to
new products that are currently being released.

At IEA Software, after an application is developed, our internal QA
staff tests it. The product is then distributed to a limited number of
customers for testing (beta test). The goal is to have the product
tested by different types of customers. This extensive testing process
allows us to produce higher quality, thoroughly tested software. As part
of the Beta Program, you will be able to access private mailing lists,
download beta software, submit bug reports, will be given priority
support and a reward for participation. Our beta testers are a crucial
part of our development process. We are seeking beta testers who will be
able to identify specific areas of our products that they wish to test,
are committed to reporting problems to us throughout the beta period,
and who are willing at the end of the beta period to help us in product
marketing efforts.

Who will be approved for participation in Beta Programs? We regret that
we cannot approve all applicants for participation in our beta programs,
due to limited space, security, and other reasons. Our open beta program
welcomes as many participants as possible, but we do require that you
provide us with background information on your company and what aspects
of the product you plan to test. We also require adequate contact
information, including e-mail, mailing address, and telephone number.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept your application if this information is

Your feedback is critical to the success of our products. The Beta
program is a way that you can provide input into the products that we
develop. Please take the time to apply if you are interested in
participating in our Beta Program for any of the following applications.
You can apply by simply replying to this e-mail with the following

RadiusX for Solaris.

Contact Information:
Please include full name, company name, title, e-mail, mailing address
and telephone number.

Please list what database(s) you are using.

Database Level of Experience/Proficiency: 5 = highest
1 2 3 4 or 5

Operating System:
Please list what operating system(s) you are using.

Operating System Level of Experience/Proficiency: 5 = highest
1 2 3 4 or 5

Hardware and Configurations
Please list what hardware you are using and how it is configured. Please
include NAS information.

What solution are you building with IEA Software products, and what
business problem does it solve?

We thank you for your time and consideration. With your help, we will
continue to offer high performance solutions for RADIUS authentication,
authorization and accounting as well as billing and customer care.


The IEA Software Beta Team