Re: [RadiusNT] Radius Monitoring in WUG

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 08 Apr 2000 19:54:14 -0700

Troy Settle wrote:
> Thank you for your assistance in this, I do appreciate it. While the
> strings you provided did not work for me, they did give me a good place to
> start. I finally got it working with the following strings:
> Send: %01D%00,0123456789012345%01%06wupg%02%18abcdefghijklmnop
> Recv: %02D
> These strings are apparently included with the default installation of WUG
> (except they expect a %03D).

2 is an accept, and three is a reject. If you setup the WUPG user with
the ANY password, you should use a 2. Otherwise, you'll need to use
3 and get radlog entries.

> Griping about IEA:
> You have mentioned the FAQ twice now (and I blieve another person mentioned
> it as well), yet when I view the FAQ (2 clicks off your main page):
> I see 11 questions, none of which pertain to What's Up Gold. Perhaps IEA's
> web site is out of date, or perhaps I'm just not looking in the right place.

I'll check on the links. I maintain a set of FAQS for RadiusNT and
Emerald at:

Checking the website, it looks like the faqs on there are the product
FAQs, not the technical FAQs. I'll see about getting some links
added or the two merged.

> All FAQ's really should be kept within reasonable proximity to each other.
> I've seen 2, both are different. Apparently there is a third one that is
> different from the two I managed to find. How many different FAQs for
> RadiusNT are there?

Well, three. There is the product faq (on the website), the technical
FAQ (from the manual, and updated in the above URL) and a set of
"How tos" (at the above URL).

> Going back to Ipswitch:
> I searched Ipswitch's website for a clue, but only got 1 reference to Imail
> when I searched for 'Radius'. The WUG documentation is not very good at all
> in this regard, I was only able to find a non-functional example after
> searching through the help file included with WUG.

The above string is directly from the WUPG help file, except the
response was changed from a 3 to 2 (reject to accept) and the name
of the user was changed from test to WUPG. AFAIK, the example in
the help file does work, but caused the radlogs entry ever check.

I do agree and have talked to IPswitch several times about getting
better documentation for WUPG and RADIUS. If they would just
fix the ambiguous % problem, I'd un-hide the radlogin pieve that
creates the strings for you.

> Anyways, thanks again for your help. I do have it working at this time, and
> I'm happy.

Thats the ultimate goal that we are after here. :)


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