RE: [RadiusNT] NAS reset - no stop records

Austin, Gary D ( (no email) )
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 14:44:48 -0400

I also have the same problem. Iwould love to have SNMP working on my Radius
but can't see
paying the extr price for SNMP. I don't have raoming multiple hosts for
radius just one machine
doing all the AAA trans. I would like to see them put SNMP in the basic
package and put the enterprise
stuff like multiple servers and so forth in the entrprise version. If there
is a way besides SNMP to verify
logons life would be good.

Gary Austin

First of all I would like to publicly thank Dale for the assistance
recently. I
have 2 NAS's authenticating and accounting fine but several glitches I'd
like to
pass by here. I'm using NT4 sp6a with MSACCESS.

First when a NAS resets the stop record never gets sent thus loosing all
Besides upgrading to the Enterprise version and implement SNMP concurency is
there another solution with what I have ?

I see no change of data in ServerPorts but the CallDate does change for the
server when it resets. The table is populated with the port and serverID. Am
supposed to be able to see CallsOnLine, I can run the query but just shows
empty table.

Radlogs also is updated properly. Dale you have a copy of my database sent

--Mike KovacichSystem

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