[RadiusNT] NAS reset - no stop records

Mike Kovacich ( (no email) )
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 13:24:42 -0400

First of all I would like to publicly thank Dale for the assistance recently. I
have 2 NAS's authenticating and accounting fine but several glitches I'd like to
pass by here. I'm using NT4 sp6a with MSACCESS.

First when a NAS resets the stop record never gets sent thus loosing all calls.
Besides upgrading to the Enterprise version and implement SNMP concurency is
there another solution with what I have ?

I see no change of data in ServerPorts but the CallDate does change for the
server when it resets. The table is populated with the port and serverID. Am I
supposed to be able to see CallsOnLine, I can run the query but just shows the
empty table.

Radlogs also is updated properly. Dale you have a copy of my database sent last

--Mike KovacichSystem Administratorsysadmin@inter-pc.com

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